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Hey Folks!


I’m Bob Austin, founder and member of Vast Valley Valves.


For me music is an essential thing in life - the power of it and how it can mirror/effect moods and feelings was the inducement for me to start playing instruments and make my own sounds.


In a few words I would describe me as a „non-pro hobby musician“ just making music for the love to the sound, nothing else.


I mainly use piano, guitar, synth and computer to create my soundscapes (sometimes voice, but not often) - mostly learned by myself.


The main part of my tracks are instrumental and simply the result of my musical experiments. The style/genre of each track depends on actual conditions and influences and - of course - the theme.


I like and so listen to a lot of different styles of music - I would say nearly everything from classical (Bach) to industrial (Nine Inch Nails) except „Schlager“ (don’t find an english translation that matches ;-) - and so I make different styles of music.

…just making music for the love to the sound, nothing else…

Please enjoy!

yours, Bob Austin (Vast Valley Valves)

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